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    “I remember being surprised at how vibrant the place was. I lived here for years and years and years and I never used the place. I got laid off, and when I got laid off I said ‘I wonder if they need a volunteer?’ When I got over here I said ‘holy crap this place is happening!’ “


    The city forgets that the Lewis Pearsall Computer Resource Centre (LPCRC) started as one dial-up computer but became a community institution. The LPCRC was a community-based employment centre in South Riverdale, Toronto. Many people saw it as the heartbeat of the Ralph Thornton Centre (out of which it operated) and considered it their home office. The LPCRC worked not only to provide employment help but also computer literacy, access to phones, printers, internet and photocopier, a place to do homework and a safe space out of the weather. This centre lost its Provincial funding and officially shut down in June 2012. It now operates on a volunteer basis with reduced hours and less equipment. The DEPARTMENT unveiled a commemorative sign for the LPCRC on June 28, 2012.

    This resource centre had a rich history. What has its loss meant for the neighbourhood?


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