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    You have made a crossing to get here.  From Tehran or Herat. Mosul or Chengdu.  From your apartment across Don Mills Road.  You have left some things behind.

    Now you have arrived at this well tended place.

    It’s an outdoor living room on a Friday night.  It’s somewhere for Farsi Keep Head early in the morning before language classes and work.  Here you can breathe fresh air.  Speak your language.  会晤邻居  Lighten your heart.

    This place is yours.

    There are rules here but there is also room to grow.  Arabic Lots of Room Whether you are the child of farmers or learning as you go. Whether you choose to plant one crop alone or prefer you mint Arabic Parsley red spinach Farsi Fenugreek yellow beans and to keep company.


    In the winter they are just a memory.  But when summer comes you will meet again.

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