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    Bench Maintenance SQ

    “I remember there was this kid who dug a long tunnel underground in the sandpit.  And we would go under there and we would get stuck and the parents would have to pull us out.”

    The city forgets that Dufferin Grove Park is the unique park it is because of volunteer labour, grit and vision.  This shady, bustling city park boasts special programming, staffing models and community events. Supporters of the park have worked to resist the City of Toronto’s attempts to standardize Dufferin Grove. Instead, along with City staff, they have worked  over the years to make Dufferin Grove a place where people of all ages come to play, relax, connect and enjoy.  Whether it’s the Friday night community dinners or the sandpit, Clay and Paper Theatre’s summer plays or the skate-park, people come to Dufferin Grove because it does things differently.

    Dufferin Grove Park has a rich history.  Who will fight for its future?

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