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    “I need this bus to get to work.  Sometimes I wait for 20 minutes.  It’s a rough ride to work everyday.  Punishment. Grungy, packed and busy.”

    Interview Duff Bus Mags2 SQ

    The city forgets that the Dufferin Bus arrives three buses at a time.  The Dufferin Bus, TTC Route #29, is one of the ten most heavily used bus routes in the city.  Servicing numerous schools, malls, community centres, churches and parks along its route, bus drivers work hard to navigate the busy traffic while riders are often packed in tightly along the bumpy ride.  Service is steady along the route, but people always seem to be waiting for a ride.

    The Dufferin Bus has a rich history.  Will the new articulated buses on Route #29 help to relieve some of the crowding and gaps in service?

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