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    “I will remember people doing their best to find work, doing their best to improve their lives. I’ll remember that this centre was crucial for their ability to do that.

    The LPCRC was a place of work. It functioned as a home office for many people. Some operated their businesses out of the centre, others worked on their personal websites, others yet brought their children to do homework. A service user told us: “If this service was a smell it would be a cup of coffee – the smell of something motivating. If you work in an office, this is your cup of coffee.” Another told us: “I remember coming in feeling lost, floundering and being helped by the staff. I remember the patience of the staff.” Staff at the LPCRC worked hard to accommodate each individual’s needs: “I remember Joanne, I asked her to come help and she said please come on Saturday. I will help you. She came in on Saturday especially to help me.”

    The LPCRC had its own unique working rhythm throughout the day. When the DEPARTMENT asked what it sounded like, one centre user told us: “It’s a low rumble. Goes up and goes down…. The rumble goes slowly up around between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. Then there’s a lull and then at 4:45 Urgency. BIG CLANG…Then there’s a BANG BANG BANG at 5:00. Just as I’m ready to leave.”

    Lewis Pearsall CRC   Memory Archive