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    Testimonials from participants and audiences:

    “Sadly, in these times there should be Departments of Public Memory all over Canada to engage citizens and indicate where and what public goods ought to remain.”

    “This is heartbreaking, moving, beautiful… I continue to be amazed and moved by this project.”

    “This is the real, hard work of making community.”

    “Thank you for your hard work, your thoughtfulness, and your beautiful rendering of our memories in the sign you created! Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything you’ve done to help people remember the important work we did and the communities that we served.”

    “it was amazing to be there. i was so touched and impressed by your methods, the research, the respectful and thoughtful presentation. i loved the ritualization, the performance intersecting the real, the mobilization of city infrastructures (like lamp posts and road signs) in service of people and community, in service of memory and commemoration, in service of relationships. bravo on this work!”

    “Thank you sooooo much for your support during the past weeks. You guys are wonderful and having you in The Parkdale Community is amazing. The Harm Reduction room is honoured to have such a valuable contribution. We are Parkdale and so too is the Department of Public Memory!”

    Thank you for a wonderful tribute to the women that made Voices of Positive Women.”

    “Today’s Perram House event was such a sweetness to me/to my life and i thank both of you for making it happen”

    “I was really impressed with the DEPARTMENT.  They understand the complexities — the impact of incremental decisions rather than “one big cut,” the challenges of groups experiencing cuts, but afraid to jeopardize future funding by “going public,” and so on.”

    “It’s a brilliant idea to illustrate how our city is changing and who is being left out in the process.”

    “Thank you for being so brave and doing this for us.”

    “I parked several times recently right under one of your street signs over on Isabella. It’s a strange feeling to feel like I just love them and imagine them all over the place, when what that would mean would be more pins on the map of missing things…”

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