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    Book Drop Maintenance SQ

    “I miss Sundays.  The doors are locked.  So many parents can only go on the weekends.”

    The whole TPL system has been actively fighting funding cuts for years.  Toronto libraries are currently serving more and more people but haven’t received adequate funds to meet the growing demand.  Through memory collection with library users and staff, the DEPARTMENT is learning about how diminished funds have placed an extra burden on library staff, making programs like “singing and reading programs… massively oversubscribed.”  In November of 2013 the Toronto Public Library Workers Union held a Forum on the Future of Our Public Library to look at what we need to do to keep our libraries open, free, accessible and public.  As one library patron told us: “It’s like a life line … If this service were gone I wouldn’t have access to information.”


    Bloor Gladstone   Memory Archive