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    “I love this area.  It’s good for single people on ODSP who need the help of a lunch.  It’s the time to get out and socialize and enjoy a good meal.”


    The city forgets that the Teesdale Drop-In Meal Program is one of only two meal programs open in Scarborough during the summer months.  Warden Woods Community Centre began operating food security programs at 40 Teesdale in 2000, and since then demand has grown.  The Wednesday lunch Drop-In Meal Program feeds from 40-70 people a week.  Staff, cooks, and volunteer servers work hard to make sure that healthy food is served in a friendly manner, right to the table!  The program is currently operating at full capacity, but due to a change in how the City of Toronto allocates funds to homeless drop-ins, Warden Woods will have to submit a new proposal to the City at the end of 2014.  On July 16th, 2014 there was a banquet meal to toast staff and volunteers and on July 19th the DEPARTMENT unveiled a commemorative sign honouring the Wednesday lunch drop-in meal program at 40 Teesdale.

    The Teesdale Drop-In Meal Program has a long history.  Are drop-in meal programs the best way to deal with hunger in the City?

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